Vanmorgen deze foto gemaakt met mijn macro lens. Het is wel even (lees heel veel) oefenen hoor en ik hoop dat ik na de vakanties kan starten met de cursus macro fotografie. Tot dan kan ik alleen maar veel lezen en veel oefenen ;o)

This morning I’ll take this picture and it is taken with my macro lens. It takes a little (read a lot) practice and I hope that after the holidays I can start the macro photography course. Until then I can only can read and practice a lot o)

I like to join Blo-Ma #6

MF stand, ISO 100, F 2.8 en 1/160 sec.


8 comments on “Boterbloem

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Beautiful flower and photo!!

  2. Bertil says:

    Nice Macro!
    I got my first macro obj, today I need muck practice too..interesting!

  3. Nicole says:

    Prachtige foto Janneke!

  4. Mona says:

    Cute little flower. I got my macrolense only a couple of weeks ago and it sure takes a lot of practice. Good luck with the course!

  5. lovely shot. Is it a butter flower?

  6. This is gorgeous! Delicate and lovely composition.

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